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Bill Splitting App for Android


When you go out with your friends, your checks will be complicated. You share the cost equally or all drinks and appetizers to set? How to buttress the individual chip with very good apartment to rent, utility and toilet should break like a bill. You can add complexity paper.(

Computer dialogue, and in some cases for you, there are a bunch of great apps: Well, I have some good news. Take your choice. Load less than $ 1 for each one of them (ask your roommate for the electrical components of each month, a small price to pay).

In the past, bills and expenses to cost share a poor process. You calculate loan, and then the person with the responsibility to collect money from their monotonous. At least people often carry cash these days because, according to settlement. It is difficult. It is a bill splitting apps.

All Group, a group of food and travel costs for things such as bills to be able to pay its fair share is, you can divide up between applications. The peer-to-peer payment platform connected to another at the time of the day to cover the cost of its stock for a credit or debit card right down to the penny or for all applications is very easy to split the bill. - that you are an enemy of the payment applications, split the bill. Yan Naing conflict between cutting a rare friend to keep peace will be humbled by.

Here are bill-splitting apps you can download today.

1. Cost Split

2. Venmo: Send & Receive Money

3. Billr: To Share Costs and Itemize in One

4. Divvy: To Snap and Split

5. Settle Up — Group Expenses

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